Friday, October 20, 2006


30 small glas votiive holders. Used once for my wedding but theyre in great shape with no chips or cracks. You will have to melt the wax out of the bottoms though. Shipping $9.00

Not sure if anyone has a use for them but I'm going through TONS of formula cans around here. I have some that are coffee can size and some that are much larger. They hold about 32 oz of powder and are about a foot tall. If anyone can do something with these I'd be happy to start saving them.

DONT FORGET TO EMAIL, NOT COMMENT if you're taking an item. Please include your address and Etsy store name!

Altoid tins
Fabric scraps
Broken plates

Have something? Need Something?
This idea is really taking off thanks again to mamastaub for creating it.

As per popular request this list is for Etsy Sellers only. You must have items listed in your shop to participate. This means when you are emailing your items to give or your requests you will need to add your Etsy Shop. The email again is

I am working on some pages to make this site easier to find your way around and eventually I'll add some graphics to liven this place up. If anyone wants to donate some graphics I'd love that too.

I love hearing everyones ideas so if you have something to make this better feel free to speak up!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Welcome to the Junk Drawer!

This original ideas was by mamastaub. I am just offering to organize. Book mark and check back often to add to your stash but dont forget to give back to the junk drawer.

Posting offerings is easy. Just email me at with the subject of "junk drawer offering". Ill post a brief description,shipping costs and picture if you'd like in a blog daily. If you see something you'd like you can email me with the subject "junk drawer- claim" or post a comment on the blog. I'll connect the first one to claim the object with the giver and you guys take it from there.

Have fun and play nice!!!